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data.org is a platform for partnerships to build the field of data science for social impact. We envision a world that uses the power of data science to tackle society’s greatest challenges.

We work with organizations from all over the world to increase the use of data science in order to improve the lives of millions of people.

The data.org Inclusive Growth and Recovery Challenge

As part of our commitment to building the field of data science for social impact, data.org has launched a $10 million data.org Inclusive Growth and Recovery Challenge. The challenge will seek to elicit proposals for scalable and sustainable data science solutions from and for every part of the world. We are looking for ideas across a range of social impact sectors, including:
  • Access to capital to improve economic well-being
  • Productive employment and decent work for all
  • Making cities and societies inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable

Proposals are welcome from both individuals and teams that have extensive experience in data science and those with an idea for how they could use data science to address societal issues, advance shared prosperity, and help ensure an inclusive recovery.

How data science can help boost college graduation rates

A data philanthropy project is helping one university identify students at risk of dropping out – and intervene before it’s too late.

Using data-driven insights to help revive a historic New Orleans neighborhood

Mastercard data-driven insights reflect consumer spending and store openings up sharply, proving that neglected neighborhoods warrant investment.

DataKind’s Approach, Weaving Together Disparate Worlds, More Needed Than Ever

DataKind is a "weaver of worlds", bringing together social change organizations tackling big social problems and data scientists who are generally paid to help companies boost profits. data.org supports DataKind with $20 million over five years, as part of the collaborative effort between the Rockefeller Foundation and Mastercard to build the field of data science for social impact.

Seeking Solutions That Lead to Inclusive Growth and Recovery: How We Can Tackle Housing Insecurity through the Power of Data Science

Real-time evidence generation for policymakers is proving more critical than ever before as they need to rapidly respond to an evolving crisis. These stories can be an example of the many we hope surface through our Inclusive Growth and Recovery Challenge to use data science for social impact.

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Develop use cases to show what great looks like

We fund selected organizations and high-potential projects to demonstrate the transformational power of data science for social impact. Use cases will serve as examples that can be applied to similar problems across the social sector.

  See our Stories of Impact.


Strengthen capacity of people and organizations

At data.org, we work to expand the talent pool of data science for social impact experts, in partnership with academia, public, and private organizations. We want to help organizations recruit more of these experts to their teams and  enhance the capacity of leaders to forge change within their organizations.


Support policies and frameworks

data.org convenes doers, thinkers, and influencers to advance public goods to transform the ecosystem of data science for social impact. We aim to make datasets for social impact more accessible while adhering to the principles of responsible data use. We support the creation of data governance standards and legal frameworks, and robust research that propels the field forward.


A track record of using data to make an impact

In 2002, a group of innovative social entrepreneurs, together with anti-poverty advocates and the Irish rock musician and philanthropist Bono, launched data.org, a nonprofit committed to alleviating debt, fighting AIDS, and reducing trade inequalities in Africa.

In what ultimately became the ONE Campaign, they galvanized support for poverty alleviation by focusing on data-driven, evidence-based approaches to development.

Inspired by their achievements, we relaunched data.org at New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity, as a platform for partnerships to build the field of data science for social impact.

Photo by Kim Haughton / Permanent Mission of Ireland

Building a better future with data

data.org brings people and organizations together to effect positive social change and build the field of data science for social impact.

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The new data.org is a fiscally sponsored project of New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity, launched by

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