Call for Entries: Data Science Breakthroughs for an Inclusive Recovery

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The fight against COVID-19 underscores how interconnected our world has become. At the same time, the pandemic has also exposed and exacerbated many existing challenges facing economies, and the fragility of micro and small businesses. As we look to the future, there is an opportunity to build a stronger and more inclusive economy coming out of this crisis.

Data science led innovation can play a vital role in putting economies back on the path toward inclusive growth. By tapping into the power of data science and innovation, organizations and governments can be more nimble and effective in responding to the needs of those who have been hardest hit by the economic impacts of Covid-19, and implementing programs and policies to accelerate an economic rebound that lifts up all segments of society.   

That is why we have opened a call for entries for the Inclusive Growth and Recovery Challenge. The Challenge is an opportunity to tap into the expertise of a broad pool of thinkers and doers, aiming to catalyze innovative and scalable solutions to help individuals and communities thrive, all the while building resilience to withstand future challenges.

Launched in partnership with the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and The Rockefeller Foundation, the Challenge will award up to ten winners with data science talent, software, training, funding, and other support valued from $10K up to $10 million. 

 The Challenge seeks to elicit proposals for scalable and sustainable data science solutions from and for every part of the world. Submissions are welcome from both individuals and teams that have extensive experience in data science to those with an idea for how they could use data science to address societal issues, advance shared prosperity, and help ensure an inclusive recovery.

 We will accept proposals until July 17, 2020.

 To learn more and participate, visit

 We look forward to receiving your proposal and working together to create a world in which the tools and skills of data science can be applied to the most significant social and economic issues facing the world today.


Ginger Zielinskie

Ad Interim Executive Director,



Building a better future with data brings people and organizations together to effect positive social change and build the field of data science for social impact.

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