Growing Cities, Mounting Challenges: The Case for Innovative Data-Sharing


Rapid urbanisation is one of the most pressing and complex challenges for low-and-middle income countries (LMICs), and will be, for decades to come. Many cities in LMICs are witnessing the quick expansion of urban peripheries which are highlighting existing issues of exclusion from key urban utility services, including water, sanitation, energy and transport. How can data-sharing partnerships between the public and private sector bridge this gap to manage urban development, and even foster innovation?

Join the GSMA and for a conversation discussing new insights and practical case studies from the new report, ‘Innovative Data for Urban Planning: The Opportunities and Challenges of Public-Private Data Partnerships’. In this session, George Kibala Bauer, Senior Advocacy and Insights Manager at the GSMA, and Christophe Bocquet, Senior Project Manager at Dalberg Data Insights will share and explore their findings and relevant, practical guidance gleaned from seven case studies of innovative mobile data use for urban planning. Chief Marketing Officer, Perry Hewitt, will then lead a discussion on the implications of the report’s findings with a panel of public and private sector experts.

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August 4 10:00 am ET